How long does the product I order be delivered?

Order time may vary depending on product type, address information and preferred delivery method. Delivery periods may be extended during discount periods. Orders on weekends and public holidays are processed on the first business day.

Your orders will be delivered within 2-5 business days on the campaign and special discount days.

Orders made by wire transfer shall be valid on the date when the remittance fee applies to our accounts. is not responsible for the products that are exhausted during this period.

Delivery Methods;

Standard Shipping: 6.95 TL (150 TL and above is free) and is shipped within 24 hours.

Fast Delivery: Orders made until 11:00 are delivered to your address on the same day. After 16:00, your orders will be processed the next day. Service Fee is 13,90 TL.

Why can't delivery be performed? Why can't the product I ordered be sent?

The product (s) you ordered may not be sent for several reasons.

Some of those;

- The product you ordered may be exhausted in our stocks.

- There may be a problem with the payment during the order phase.

Why is my order delayed?

We always aim to deliver the products within the standard delivery time. However, sometimes unexpected factors can cause delay.

Some situations that may cause delay;

- If the product delivery corresponds to the discount period,

- If your order was made on public holidays,

- If there is a situation that develops beyond our control, such as adverse weather conditions,

What can I do if I have not received my order within the expected time?

If your order has not been received in the standard delivery process, you can follow the steps below.

- Make sure to check the standard delivery time of your order.

- Check the status of your order. (Cargo tracking)

- You can easily see each stage of your order status and what you can do at that stage from the table below. After checking your order status according to this table, you can contact us if you still need it.

Order Status & Solution

- Order status ‘Canceled durum; Your order may have been canceled for many reasons. You will receive an e-mail explaining the reason for cancellation.

- If the order status appears as ’Order received görün continuously; The product you have ordered may be exhausted in stock. Please contact us. If the product is in stock, the order is canceled.

- If the order status is öncelikli Order shipped ’, the tracking code appears to be‘ in delivery - or is in a higher priority; Your order has been exited from the main warehouse and is in the cargo phase for delivery.

- You didn't receive the order, but if the tracking status on the shipping website appears to be delivered; Please contact the shipping company.

- You received the order but not all products you ordered have been sent; There may be an error in packing your order. Please contact us.

How can I check the order or delivery status?

You can follow your order with the "Order Status" link in the "Order Received" email sent to you.

If you have not received this e-mail, you can also track your order status via my order page. After entering your order number and e-mail address, you can view the order details by clicking the "Order Order" button.

What is the delivery fee?

Please note that VAT is included.

Delivery Options

150 TL and above cargo free

Standard Delivery: 6.95 TL

Fast delivery by courier: 13.90 TL (Orders made until 11:00 am delivered to your address on the same day. After 16:00, your orders will be processed the next day)