Plistar pleat and garment company with advanced modern high capacity machine park and professional workforce

It entered the sector in 1994 and started to operate in the sector in a fast and powerful manner.

Established with 100% Turkish capital, plistar pleat has achieved improvement both in terms of quantity and quality by incorporating what it has earned from its business with its perfectionist approach without compromising on the quality principle.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • High capacity production


Until 2015, our company has carried out transactions on subcontracting and prepared collections for other brands and especially exporting companies. Aiming to grow by anticipating the importance and necessity of branding, the company opened MYRAANG TEKSTİL in 2015.

My visionary management team's passion for quality, their interest in fashion and their desire for better always positioned MYRAANG as an innovative and style-creating brand. Today, the collections that are created by our designers who follow fashion closely and reshape them with their own creativity, have the trio of - quality - performance - elegance ve and present the models created with the concept to the appreciation of the consumers.



The most important thing to know about our company, unlike other textile companies supported by the design team embroidery, laser, digital printing, cotton printing, pearl, stone, pleat, flock and foil printing machine footprint is very wide.

Therefore, thanks to our wide machine park and our team of designers, we are able to design and deliver the models specially designed for them in a short time.

In Bursa Demirtas Organized Industrial Zone, there is a company which has various machines which are polishing to fabrics with quantity flock, foil and embroidery printing within Plistar.

Our aim is to provide higher return by adding added value on fabrics.